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Tech Expert, Katie Linendoll was on the Today show talking to Al Roker about the latest travel gadgets. The video was interesting enough that I wanted to share it with you just in case you couldn’t live without one of these items when you go on vacation with your sweetheart.

8 Must-Have Travel Gadgets

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Here is the list of everything Katie Linendoll talked about in the video:

2. Lifeproof Waterproof
3. Isplash Floating
4. Sev Gadget
6. Robot Headphone Splitter
7. Wine in a
8. Remote Control

Cool stuff, some of them are very useful and worth the money to purchase. I personally liked the Waterbuoy and the Lifeproof Waterproof Cases. We all know how easy it is to lose your keys in the water and never be able to find them or how many of us have dropped our phone in water. (ME!!!)

Your vacation with your sweetheart should be stress free and the 2 gadgets I liked could help when you are playing in or near the water.

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