Planning a romantic getaway to a special inn or hotel can help to relight the fires of passion. Listed below are six helpful ideas for planning a romantic rendezvous:

1. Let the hotel know that you are there for your anniversary or a very special weekend.
2. Ask if they have specific rooms suited for romance. Ask for a room on the second floor or higher to avoid prying eyes.
3. If the room isn’t what you expected, let the manager know and ask to have the problem fixed.
4. Pack your bags for romance. Bring candles, massage oil, bubble bath, chocolates, lingerie and silk boxers.
5. Bring a CD player and your favorite romantic music.
6. Bring a nice bottle of wine or sparkling cider.

Above all relax; have fun and enjoy your time together. No work, no kids, just bliss!

Keep those sparks flying!

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