Rootbeer Float for TwoDid you know on Thursday, June 20, is Ice Cream Soda Day, so tomorrow make adult ice sodas for your sweetheart while listening to 50’s & 60’s music.

With summer officially starting on Friday this is the perfect tradition to start the day before.

Here is the simple recipe:

• 1 Tall Glass
• 1 Long Spoon
• 2 Straws
• Root Beer
• Vanilla Ice Cream
• 1/2 shot of Bourbon Cream Liquor (or more, depending on your taste)

Put one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass and pour 1/2 of shot of bourbon cream liquor and the root beer over the top. It gets all foamy and yummy…..put the spoon (you can feed each other) and 2 straws inside and enjoy together. Delicious!!!

Celebrating quirky holidays with your sweetheart makes your relationship funny and interesting. No dull moments together will be had.

So go ahead and enjoy Ice Cream Soda Day with your sweetie pie.

Keep those sparks flying!

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“Your marriage is a gift from God; how you treat it is a gift to him.”

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