Have you ever wanted to go on a cruise with your sweetheart for a very romantic getaway? Did you know if you don’t tell your travel agent exactly what type of cruise you wanted you could end up on the cruise from hell?

I know a couple who planned their dream cruise trip but unbeknownst to them they ended up on a “Party Cruise.” The people who were on the ship were all young and wanted to party. They were getting drunk and sick on the ship. The wife said it was horrible. One gal took her top off and was running around the ship half naked. She told me she and her husband learn a very valuable lesson on that trip. She said there are different types of cruises to chose from and to make it clear to your travel agent what type of cruise you want to experience.

Here are just a few:

  • Families with Children Cruise
  • Alcohol free Family Cruise
  • Adult Only Cruise
  • Adult Party Cruise
  • Adult Lifestyle Cruise
  • Adventure Cruise
  • People Over 50 Cruise
  • Honeymoon Cruise

And the list just goes on and on, what ever your interest maybe there is probably a cruise available to you and your sweetheart.

Make a list of things you and your partner enjoy doing together and separately. Then list the type of cruises you would like to go on. The more specific you are the less likely you will have the cruise from hell. When you go to talk to your travel agent bring your list! They will then have a clear picture of your dream cruise and so will you.

Don’t forget to pickup the items I wrote about on Sept 29th for a very romantic Halloween and Christmas!

Keep those sparks flying!

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