I promised I would share my “25 Reasons Why I Love You” list that I plan on giving to my husband this Christmas. I could go on and on but I won’t bore you with giving you more than the 25 reasons. I will probably change out a few of these to more private ways I love him. I just don’t feel it would be appropriate to share. These are private.

1. The way you laugh when you are teasing me.
2. Before you left for work today you pulled the down comforter on me and told me to stay in bed and sleep. You knew I had gotten up at 3AM and didn’t go back to bed until 5 AM because I couldn’t sleep. You wanted me to rest.
3. You don’t have a jealous bone in your body.
4. You put gas in my car so I don’t have too. (I really don’t know how to gas my own car)
5. The way your brown eyes sparkle when you know you are going to surprise me and that is hard to do.
6. You stood beside me and took care of me when I had cancer.
7. You love me just the way I am.
8. You put up with me when I am grouchy.
9. The way you kiss me when we are laughing.
10. The way you hug me.
11. The way you hold my hand when we are walking on the beach.
12. Sitting and having a cup of coffee quietly together.
13. The way you laugh and play with the grandkids.
14. You can fix a delicious dinner for us when I am too busy to.
15. You surprised me with my favorite dark chocolate.
16. You make sure my car is in perfect working order.
17. The way you always fall asleep on the couch and snore. (Yes, honey you do snore.)
18. In the middle of the night if we both wake up you pull me close to you and tell me you love me and then we go right back to sleep.
19. You always make me laugh even when I am mad at you.
20. You are my rock.
21. The way you laugh when you watch “My Name is Earl” TV series.
22. The way you help around the house to make it look nice.
23. The way you put your arms around me.
24. The way you would rather be with me than anyone else.
25. The way you try to do the right things.

So make your “25 Reasons Why I Love You” appropriate for you and your husband only. Enjoy the love you have for them and let them know how much you appreciate their love.

Don’t forget to pick up the items I told you to get last week. I will tell you what you will be doing with all these items tomorrow, Friday, December 18, 2009.

• Christmas stationary (Love Letter or 25 Reasons Why I Love You)
• 1 String of battery operated Christmas lights (Don’t forget the batteries) 
• 1 Small blank Christmas card
• Small Christmas ribbon that will allow you to attach and tie something
• Something sexy to wear

Keep those sparks flying!

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2 Responses to “25 Reasons Why I Love You”

  • Sheri Stevenson says:

    Wow- those are good. I’m jealous…what a sweet guy you’ve got. (or did you train him to be that way) Do you really not know how to put gas in your car?

  • JoJo says:

    @ Sheri – Yes my husband is a very sweet guy. I think we trained each other. He’s not perfect but neither am I. I just choose to look at his good traits. It is always easier to love someone when you decide to only look at their good qualities and I know he does the same for me.

    Yes, I really don’t know how to gas my car. He does dote on me.

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