woman wearing cute bunny earsDid you get everything I told you to pick up on Tuesday so you could have a romantic Easter surprise for your sweetheart?

If not, hop on over to the store and get all the items below:

• Small Chocolate Easter Eggs
• Bunny Ears
• Easter Card
• Candles
• Something good to drink: Wine, Beer, Champagne or Sparkling Cider
• Sexy Lingerie

In the morning hand the Easter card to your sweetheart with a note saying:

“Sweetheart tonight I want you to hop along the chocolate Easter egg trail to your mischievous Easter Bunny who will make you feel soooo good we will be hippy hopping on the bed all night long!”

In the evening, lay a trail of chocolate Easter eggs down the hall to your bedroom; light the candles; pour your drink of choice and have your sexy lingerie on waiting for your sweetheart to appear.

May you have a very romantic, funny and memorable Easter evening together.

Keep those sparks flying!

“Your marriage is a gift from God; how you treat is a gift to him.”

© 2014, Surprise Kiss. All rights reserved.

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