Redhead girl in victorian maid outfitOk ladies I have another romantic idea for you and your sweetheart for this “Father’s Day Weekend”. I suggest you make arrangements on Saturday to have the children farmed out to friends or family for a couple of hours during the day so you can celebrate alone with your husband.

Recently I was listening to the radio and an old song by Garth Brooks called “Somewhere Other Than the Night” started to play and the lyrics “Standing in the kitchen with nothing but my apron on” gave me the idea for this.

Here is what you will need:

• Apron
• Romantic Music
• Wine, Beer or Sparkling Cider
• Blank Card Father’s Day Card

Give the card on Saturday morning with a note that says:

“Happy Father’s Day sweetheart! I’d like to warm you up until your body comes to a full boil.”

Once the kids are out of the house take off your clothes and put on the apron and nothing else. Pour something bubbly and call your sweetheart into the kitchen.

This should be the best dinner he could ever want for “Father’s Day”.

Keep those sparks flying!

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