kiss_lipsI wrote this blog in June of 2011 and thought we could all use a reminder on how it is so important to kiss each other to keep those sparks flying!

Are you still trying to figure out how to have the relationship you thought you would have before you were married? Life does get in the way of being married and with kids. How do you sneak the passion back in when you have forgotten how to do it?

I just finished reading a book by Ellen Kreidman, P.H.D. called “The 10 Second Kiss” and it is a must for couples to read. She brings out the fun in romance. The first chapter is about the 10 second kiss but there is so much more than that in the book.

Per Ellen’s suggestion, I decided I was going to give Larry a 10 second kiss everyday. As you know, I already give Larry a kiss when he gets home and when he leaves but never has there been a 10 second kiss. With my heart wide open I asked Larry to give me a 10 second kiss. Of course, his reaction was “What?” but he laughingly obliged and bent down and gave me the kiss I requested.

Now it is our little connection at noontime before he goes back to work. Typically we both are laughing during the 10 second kiss but there are times when his kisses are very good and there is a passion we have to wait for until he gets home from work. Ah, the anticipation! What fun!

This book is for couples who are looking for ways to connect but don’t feel they have time. Ellen has some great suggestions and they are easy to do. Looking to keep the spark in your marriage alive, then read Ellen Kreidman’s book, “The 10 Second Kiss”

Ellen has written other books I have read. Take the time to read these too. You will learn so much about how to have a great marriage:

Light Her Fire: How to Ignite Passion, Joy, and Excitement in the Woman You

Light His Fire: How to Keep Your Man Passionately and Hopelessly in Love With You

These books are probably out of print but I still highly recommend them. Check your local library and/or Amazon to find a copy.

Keep those sparks flying!

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