portrait of coupleAnother unusual holiday will be celebrated on Sunday, April 28th, by a few people that are in the know and of course this holiday is a special one I wanted to make sure you were aware of. It is “Kiss Your Mate Day”.

With a website called SurprisKiss.com we have to celebrate this one. So Sunday let your sweetheart know about this special day and that you want to make sure you both celebrate by giving each other surprise kisses all day long.

If it has been a while since you have acted like you are lovers here are some suggestions:

• Kiss when you first wake up
• Kiss while you are getting dressed
• Kiss while passing each other in the hall
• Kiss in front of the kids
• Kiss when you are walking into a store
• Kiss while you are cooking
• Kiss while having a cup of coffee
• Kiss while watching a movie
• Kiss when laughing (the best kind)
• Kiss and make up
• Kiss when the kids are asleep
• Kiss just because…..

This should get you both going and I am sure you can think of other times when you would like to kiss.

Oh….and by the end of the day you should both be ready to kiss all night long.

Keep those sparks flying!

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“Your marriage is a gift from God; how you treat it is a gift to him.”

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