In November of 2009 I wrote this blog and thought it would be good to revisit this. Enjoy!

Master_Bedroom1What does your bedroom look like? Is it a place where you can go to and it feels like a refuge for you and your spouse? Or, do you have clutter and junk everywhere on the floor, bed and dresser? More than likely there is no romance going on in your master bedroom. It is hard to get in a sexy mood with a pile of clothes on the bed. Do you want to clean up your act and set a beautiful romantic retreat for you and your spouse? Today I am will help you clean out the clutter. On Friday I will discuss how to make your room comfortable and romantic. Follow these simple steps and before you know it you will have the bedroom you can both feel welcomed in.

First you need to do something about the clutter. Grab your spouse and explain that you want to have a place where you both can go to and feel relaxed. You need their help to accomplish it. If you are both overwhelmed then take only fifteen minutes a day and start to clean up the room. Start with the floors and set the timer for fifteen minutes. Divide your things into 3 piles: hamper, donate to thrift store and trash. If you don’t own a hamper then put a box in the corner. Over the weekend when you are out shopping look for a hamper that would look good in the corner of the room or closet. Nice things keep you committed to picking up your stuff. You need to start to pick up the floor and see how fast you can do it. If you didn’t complete in fifteen minutes this evening then tomorrow continue for fifteen minutes until it is done.

Then move on to your bed, take everything off your bed and straighten it up. Fluff the pillows and make it inviting to sleep in. If the bedding is dirty then put on new sheets and make a mental note to wash the blankets and bedcover over the weekend. If your bedspread looks shabby, then talk about purchasing a new bedspread over the weekend. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that looks clean and is in the colors you both like. Maybe that could be your Christmas present for each other. Let friends and family know what you are trying to do. If they ask what you need give them a list they can choose from: candles, pillows, draperies, bedspread, towels, pictures, new lamps, etc. You could go as far as registering at someplace like Target, Wal-Mart, Pottery Barn or Macy. People can go and pick out what they would like to give you.

When the floor and bed has been picked up then pick up your dresser and end tables. Clear the clutter on top and inside the drawers. On top of your end tables there should be a lamp with a three way switch, and radio alarm clock and maybe a book, nothing else. On the dresser, you want to put your colognes, another three way lamp and a candle.

Lastly, clean out your closet! Don’t keep clothes and shoes you are not using or they are too worn out. Let there be space to hang empty hangers when clothes go into the hamper. Allow room for you shoes. If you have a place, try to hang a calendar in the closet and a couple of hooks for your robe.

Make it a pack that when you get up in the morning things will be put back in their place. And before you go to bed in the evening things will be put away. When you both work at keeping your bedroom clean and clutter free it frees your mind, there is more room for thinking about romance.

For those men who think that it isn’t that important to them so why should it matter to the woman in their lives. Think again! Women are very visual and tactile. If you want more lovin you may want to help with keeping it clean and spend the money on making the room look romantic and peaceful. A happy wife makes for a very happy husband.

So clean up your act and get the romance back in your bedroom.

You can read the second 1/2 on Friday.

Keep those sparks flying!

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“Your marriage is a gift from God; how you treat it is a gift to him.”

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