winding roadSince spring is in the air and the days are getting longer you might want to consider taking a scenic drive together. A late afternoon drive through the countryside enjoying what spring has to offer in your area.

Larry and I recently took a drive through a beautiful country road not far from our home. Tepusquet Canyon is just East of Santa Maria. A few wineries at the base of the canyon started our impromptu journey. We meandered through the 2 lane Hwy enjoying the picturesque scenery with wild flowers sprinkled here and there. We even saw a deer run across the road and stop to look at us and then race up the hill to higher ground.

We listened to some soft jazz playing on our radio while we talked and oohed and aahed the whole area. It had been a long time since we had done something like that and it did our soul good.

Once we got back in town we stopped and got an ice cream to enjoy on our way home.

The stress had lifted off our shoulder and when we walked into the house we felt like we had went on vacation. It is amazing what an hour alone together can do.

Make it a point to take a scenic spring drive together and enjoy the area you live in. This is an inexpensive date that will not only connect you with nature but the two of you.

Keep those sparks flying!

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“Your marriage is a gift from God; how you treat it is a gift to him.”

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