The other day I was talking to our 18 year old granddaughter and decided to ask her what her favorite date night was? Of course she told me she enjoyed going out to a nice restaurant with her boyfriend. I told her we all like doing that but since her and her boyfriend were on a tight budget I know they can’t always got out to dinner. They both have small jobs while going to college.  She agreed and told me something they both enjoy and it doesn’t cost a dime.

She said sometimes they will make lunch at either her house or his. Then they go out to the backyard and lay a blanket on the lawn and enjoy their feast together. I thought it was so cute at how ingenious they were! They had found a way to spend time together without spending any money. They got an opportunity to sit, talk and enjoy the weather with no one else around to bother them.

When there is no money to go out to dinner my suggestion to you is to follow our granddaughter and her boyfriend’s example.  If you can’t afford even a babysitter wait until the kids are taking a nap if it is in the afternoon or if you are planning a picnic dinner wait until the kids are in bed and asleep.

An evening picnic dinner could be very romantic. Lay out a blanket in the backyard, add candles and enjoy your meal together listening to nature’s natural music while enjoying a glass of wine, beer or sparkling cider. You can’t get any more romantic than that.

Let me know what your favorite date night is. Who knows you might see it on my blog!

Keep those sparks flying!

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