Decide to do a little something different with your sweetheart you wouldn’t normally do for date night. Last week I was talking to a friend and she was telling me she and her husband like to go to the drive-in-movies. This is such a throwback to when we were younger and dating.

Celeste and her husband Rubin enjoy seeing a movie and eating at the drive-in. They purchase cheese nachos, hot dogs, and sodas. Desert is what ever they feel like that evening. Then they sit back in their cozy car with blankets if it is cold outside and if the weather is warm they will bring lawn chairs. Either way they enjoy their feast while watching a movie.

Celeste and Rubin are young and can indulge in drive-in-food but if you are like us we have to watch what we eat. If we aren’t careful eating certain foods then when we get home we would have heartburn and we wouldn’t feel very good. Since we want to make it a pleasant experience we would probably bring our own food and drinks, which would allow us to have a little evening delight when we get home.

Here is a suggestion for packing the perfect drive-in-theatre picnic:

  • Roast Beef Sandwiches – On two sandwich rolls spread with mayonnaise which you have added a little horseradish to. Then layer some roast beef purchased at the deli and some lettuce. You could add a slice of havarti cheese if you like too.
  • Potato Chips – Your choice. We like Kettle Chips.
  • Carrot Sticks
  • Brownies – Homemade or purchased at a bakery
  • Iced Tea or Hot Apple Cider – Depending on the weather

Now that is what I like to call dinner and a movie at the drive-in-theatre!

Keep those sparks flying!

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