I just finished reading “365 Nights, A Memoir of Intimacy” by Charla Muller. I first heard about this book when Charla and her husband were interviewed by Oprah awhile back. You see she wanted to give her husband a 40th birthday no one else could give him. “Sex, every day, for an entire year! When I first heard about her doing this I thought she has to be nuts!!!! Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy sex but every day for a year, that would be hard to do. With working, family, friends and the stress of everyday life sometimes we are just not in the mood. This book perked my interest. I wanted to find out how she made it happen for the whole year or did she find excuses not to participate once in a while.

With honesty and humor Charla talked about her life with her husband, Brad, the good and the bad parts of it. While reading you will find out how she has struggled with depression (which she nicked named “Little D”) off and on through the years and how Brad has stood beside her. The everyday struggles, work implosion and faking it and the questions that come with having sex everyday. Is it beneficial to have intimacy that often or does it make you resentful? All these questions and more are answered in the book.

I really appreciated the candor, sincerity and grace that Charla presented of her life with her husband and children. She is a modern woman with some of the same problems and issues we all struggle with from time to time. Take the time to sit down and read this book. You will walk away wiser and know a little more about the intricate intimacy of a marriage. And maybe look at your relationship with your spouse differently.

You can get this book at www.amazon.com.  Read it and who knows you might try to give the same gift to your spouse. If you enjoy reading together, you will want to pick this one up. You will have some great discussions.

Keep those sparks flying!

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